Training & Professional Services

CFF offers a series of training programs which we believe are aptly suited towards addressing issues faced by the credit union movement. We also provide customized support in order to address Credit Unions' specific strategic and operational needs.

AML/CFT - In an effort to respond to the needs of our members, the Central Finance Facility in conjunction with Rolley Data Systems has created a compliance Solutions package to assist Credit Unions with compliance solutions that are challenging to our units. As we are aware, the Proceeds of Crime Act and the Financial Obligations and its amendments create the obligation for Credit Unions to be compliant with the anti-money laundering laws of Trinidad and Tobago. Compliance failures are extremely expensive as the Directors and Officers of the Credit Union can be faced with heavy penalties as outlined in the law. Non-compliance can also lead to enhanced regulatory scrutiny and may result in the loss of license to operate and continue business.


Customer Service/Relationship Management - This workshop is a unique interactive experience that will open the eyes of participants on exactly what it takes to make a world-class customer service experience. It presents to participants exceptional, practical ideas focused on issues of quality, service attitude, customer protocols, customer expectations and service excellence to challenge energies for top-notch results.


Leadership – This workshop looks at effective leadership practices and focuses on the implications for leaders. Participants will be guided through contemporary ideas and elements of providing leadership in the workplace, and will be encouraged to develop a greater understanding of themselves and the impact of their leadership on others.

Financial Management for Credit Union Personnel - The Financial Management for Non-financial Personnel workshop is designed to give participants the necessary knowledge and skills in order to understand and implement basic financial concepts. It covers areas such as:

  • The management Process and Accounting
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Key concepts of Budgeting
  • Key concepts of Cost Management Accounting
  • Principles of healthy financial management


Marketing of Credit Union Financial ServicesThis workshop would feature the marketing tools available to Credit Unions as well as the use to which those tools can be put, in order to increase the bottom line. Attendees will learn how to effectively market and leverage their company’s products and services.  It will highlight the myriad ways to build strong long-term customer relationships by using some fundamental and modern marketing techniques to centralize member needs and increase market share.


Credit Evaluation - This workshop is designed to significantly enhance the ability of your credit Committee and officers to process loan applications, conduct interviews, evaluate credit worthiness, make credit decisions, structure loans, monitor and evaluate loan repayment patterns.