Liquidity Management

Pooling Of Investments

CFF will negotiate higher interest rates in Pools of Credit Union Investments in Financial Institutions.

Current Accounts.

* Liquidity management
* Offers credit unions higher returns on liquid deposits
* Monthly statements
* Transfer of funds from one account to another within 24 hours
* International wire transfers
* Secure and confidential administration
* Overdraft facility

Current Account – 1%


Each Credit union is required to hold at least fifteen percent (15%) of its total shares and deposits in liquid assets. In order to facilitate this requirement, the Central Finance Facility separately manages a liquidity pool…Credit Unions are encouraged to invest 20% of their liquidity requirements in this pool. The guaranteed rate of return is 1.25%. Additional returns are distributed on a quarterly basis and are dependent on the performance of the pool.

Participating Credit Union can borrow from the pool to meet short term liquidity needs. The repayment period is limited to three (3) months and the interest rate will be two (2) percentage points less the current overdraft rates charged by banks.

All pool participants are pre-qualified to determine their maximum borrowing capacity from the pool. However out of an abundance of caution another risk assessment is done prior to disbursement and will be done within twenty four (24) hours of the request.