New Beginnings: Overcoming Economic Adversity in 2019 – The Role of Credit Unions and Cooperatives

Happy New Year to Everyone!

The Central Finance Facility (CFF) presents the first Thought Leadership Breakfast Meeting of 2019—a critical analysis of Trinidad and Tobago’s socioeconomic standing and the role of the Credit Union movement and the Cooperative sector.  Nationally, our members are financially challenged by the nation’s economic condition, which unavoidably threatens their livelihood. In this light, the CFF believes that the credit union movement and cooperative sector is best positioned to provide the solutions to overcoming this economic adversity.

We aim to create an environment which will stimulate, encourage and promote opportunities for the development and advancement of our Credit Union members. To do this the CFF wishes to assist in elevating the level of service rendered to our nation by fostering the tried and trusted notion of “cooperation among cooperatives.”

The main objective of this first meeting is to formulate strategies that will assist members in overcoming economic adversity and creating wealth. This intervention comes at an opportune moment, given the harsh financial realities that so many of our members will have to confront in this new year.

Our expert panel will provide:

  1. A situational analysis of the current social and economic conditions in Trinidad and Tobago
  2. A discourse on how local Credit Union leaders could use creativity and innovation to provide solutions for their credit unions and their membership
  3. A presentation highlighting best practices using successful Case Studies in order to identify how credit unions could contribute to improving members’ quality of life.
  4. A discussion on possible steps that might be taken moving forward to overcome adversity and create wealth for their members.

Date:                          29th January, 2019

Target Audience:    Presidents, Directors, Committee members

In a subsequent email we will forward information about the cost and venue.

Once again, we thank you for your continued commitment and look forward to your participation.