Credit Unions and Economic Growth in Trinidad and Tobago (TT)

The TT economy has experienced an average real GDP growth since 2008 of -0.8% per annum and for the period 2020-2026 its average real GDP growth is forecast at 0.33%.  In this same period of time (2009-2019) there has been a rise in debt per capita from US$5252.9 per person in 2009 to US$10,905.1 per […]

The Central Finance Facility (CFF) A One Stop Financing House for the Credit Union Movement

The Central Finance Facility (CFF) continues to be a bedrock of financial stability in the credit union movement, assisting ordinary members and also cooperatives and credit unions to pursue their dreams and financial projects. The CFF currently offers home mortgages and small business loans to individuals and institutional loans to credit union members. Loans for […]

Happy International Credit Union Day 2021!

International Credit Union Day is a momentous occasion when we celebrate the credit union difference and recognize the contributions that credit unions make every day in the lives of their members and their communities worldwide. Beginning in 1948, credit unions come together annually on the third Thursday in October to commemorate the credit union movement’s […]