Virtual Thought Leadership Series: Credit Unions Weathering the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 Pandemic has plunged the entire world into uncharted waters. The local Credit Union and Financial Co-operative Movement has not escaped unscathed—the virus is affecting our business operations, our workforce and our members.

The Central Finance Facility (CFF) will be hosting a weekly online forum titled ”Credit Unions Weathering the COVID-19 Crisis’’. Experts in the areas of management, human resources, finance, investment and mental health will speak on a range of issues affecting the movement today. Through these Virtual Thought Leadership Sessions we will take a look at the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, which quickly turned into a pandemic. Our panelist will address the issues that have been birthed by the containment measures that had to be adopted internationally.

  1. The Effects on our Workforce and Working Remotely
  2. Effects on our Members
  3. Potential Global Recession (issues involved are operations, supply chain and cash flow)
  4. Issues the Credit Unions/Banking and Capital Markets may face
  5. Coping Mechanisms

The aim is to communicate to the Credit Unions on the areas above, engaging in discussions and letting them know we are all facing the same crisis not only locally but globally as well. The CFF is here to assist and we can work together to get through this crisis of COVID 19.