The CFF – calls for action at 20th anniversary mark“ …I shall come forth as gold.” Job 23:10

Chaguanas, Trinidad – July 13, 2022: Established in May 2002, The Central Finance Facility Co-operative Society of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (CFF) this year celebrates its 20th anniversary; an incredible milestone amidst all the challenges in the past two decades.  This amazing accomplishment was achieved through the employment of conservative strategies, a high level of tenacity, and the delivery of outstanding service to the Cooperative Movement of Trinidad and Tobago.  CFF’s vision is to be the premier financial intermediary and developmental institution for Cooperatives.

Business transformation and organisational development are two of the pillars of CFF’s strategy to empower Credit Unions and non-financial cooperatives.  Its offerings range from institutional lending/working capital financing, strategic planning, thought leadership events, team building, cutting edge technological service and training, just to name a few, and are all geared towards organizational and individual development.  All of these offerings are informed by research and development efforts on issues which are significant to the Credit Union Movement.

Innovative financial products such as the CFF Home Mortgage Fund (HMF) and Virtual Investment Pool (VIP) were also instituted and made available to member Credit Unions.  The HMF offers individual Credit Union members the opportunity to become homeowners in instances where their “home” Credit Unions do not offer Mortgage products, or where they are not eligible for these products in the banking system. 

The VIP, one of CFF’s flagship products, provides pooledopportunities for Credit Unions to participate in sophisticated investment offerings, where they otherwise may not meet the minimum individual requirements.  These financial products are well subscribed and the availability on demand of the qualified services of the CFF’s team of expert financial consultants provides added value for investment owners.

In a nutshell, the CFF offers itself as the Movement’s premier “One Stop Shop.”  We invite the entire Movement to get on board in the spirit of “Cooperation among Cooperatives”, as we all work together to serve and meet the needs of our members. 

Together we are stronger!!