Local Credit Unions provide further relief to flood and volcano-affected SVG Credit Union fraternity

Chaguanas, Trinidad – July 23, 2021: Local Credit Unions (CUs) sent a second shipment of urgent relief items to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Credit Union movement on Wednesday July 21, 2021. This time the focus was in assisting those credit union members and their families affected by recent flooding activity.

This second phase of the initiative was once again led by the Central Finance Facility (CFF). The cargo ranged from cleaning hardware to canned food items and other dry goods. These were the items requested by the St Vincent Credit Union League. As the hardest hit communities continue to recover from extensive flooding which followed heavy rainfall, after the La Soufriere volcanic eruptions, the needs moved from drinking water and masks to goods to assist in the clean-up exercise.

During the months of April to May 2021 volcanic activity escalated at the La Soufriere. Subsequent to this, government officials began outreach and evacuation efforts with residents in the highly affected area.  While immediate massive efforts provided assistance to the Vincentians, their plight was heightened by flood waters which followed very soon after.

Mr. Steve Waldron, one off CFFs directors, was on site to ensure that the transaction was done smoothly.  Mr. Waldron expressed that “it was an honour and privilege to render this service to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in their time of need; and that the CFF is glad to be part of this exercise”.

The credit unions who contributed to the relief initiative were Aero Services Credit Union, Community Care Credit Union, Insurance Industry Credit Union and Bank Employees Credit Union (BECU).

In the spirit of cooperation and partnership, the CFF gives its assurance that support and assistance will be extended to Cooperative brothers and sisters both locally and regionally whenever the need arises.