Happy International Credit Union Day:CFF President’s message

                                                                    Ms. Letitia Telesford                                                                                President, Central Finance Facility (CFF)

It is said that Hope is an expectation of something beneficial in the future; something more gratifying than that which currently exists.Whether one sees it as an ideal or a sentiment, it is unquestionably an important virtue that inspires and stimulates positive action, often to satisfactory results.  It forces us out of the shadows formed by apprehension, uncertainty, anxiety and fear into the sunlit realms of confidence, belief and faith.  At times when doubt and despair is at its highest, Hope is needed the most.  I submit that now is such a time.  In this time where we grapple with the potential devastation of our families, communities, countries and nations that the pandemic Covid-19 threatens, now is such a time.  With the strongest of health, social, financial systems threatened, now is such a time. Fitting therefore, is the decision by the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) to coin the theme “Inspiring Hope for a Global Community” around which the recognition of World Credit Union Month be centered.

In observance of today’s significance as International Credit Union Day 2020, it is with such hope and honor that I bring you the warmest greetings in my capacity as President of the great institution that is the CFF.  To the extent that CFF has completely embraced the theme for this month’s celebrations, we have patented the theme “CFF ~ Inspiring Hope Through Cooperation Among Cooperatives” as the rudder that navigates our Credit Union community through the choppy waters of now, to the welcomed shores of stability and prosperity.

Why should we as an institution inspire Hope to persons one might ask? Should it not be an individual responsibility to one’s self? Hope is the reason we dream. It propels us out of bed every morning, dresses us for work or other commitments, takes us out the door risking our health and possibly life, with that expectation we will realize a better today than was yesterday. It is the stimulus that drives our resilience and perseverance to the acclaim of a Great Life deserving of our loved ones and ourselves.  CFF shares this philosophy and believes in the factual notion sometimes deemed cliché, that there is strength in numbers.  We therefore have tasked ourselves with the honorable commitment of providing an array of resources necessary for our members to realize the Great Life; a commitment we take seriously. 

The CFF as a major player in the credit union movement inspires us to work together, to cooperate with and among cooperators. In doing so, the odds of achieving the Great Life for our individual members that will positively impact the very fabric of our society, are greatly enhanced.  Together we can more effectively mitigate the loss of market share, grow technological platforms at faster and more expansive rates to enhance the ease of doing business and improve security. Cooperating as cooperators would allow us to better harness the creativity, resilience, strength and innovation required to best navigate the challenges created by the pandemic’s onslaught and protect the wallets of our society.

The pandemic has further exposed our weaknesses, but it has also revealed our strengths and more importantly, our potential to become stronger.  Should we attempt this task as individual units, many would find the cost and challenges prohibitive to their growth process.  Should we unite and cooperate, it becomes surmountable for all.  We need to move forward as a unified movement into the new world phase, post COVID-19.  Hope breeds faith and belief that the Pandemic will soon go away; let’s ensure that the Credit Union Movement is here to stay.  Cooperation among cooperatives could no longer be an ideal, a philosophy, it must become a way of life.  United we will all Stand, Divided many will Fall.  Think it cliché if you like, its simply the truth.

So on this auspicious day, I sound the clarion call for cooperation among cooperatives to ensure the realization of all our members’ goals and assure amazing successes.  We must inspire hope and minimize the fear and lethargy of facing tomorrow.  Assume the responsibility of assuring the security of our members lives going forward.  Cooperatively see the Credit Union Movement as the platform from which the global community becomes inspired to greater success, stability and sustainability.   Communities are borne of the People and Nations of people.  Who better knows or can relate to the People than us, the Credit Union Movement.

We have fellow cooperators, a fiduciary responsibility to make better the lives of our members, our communities, countries, our nations.  Let’s all cooperate and inspire hope in the World.  Let’s cooperate and inspire the world to Action.  Let’s cooperate and inspire the world to Success and Greatness.