Happy International Credit Union Day 2021!

International Credit Union Day is a momentous occasion when we celebrate the credit union difference and recognize the contributions that credit unions make every day in the lives of their members and their communities worldwide. Beginning in 1948, credit unions come together annually on the third Thursday in October to commemorate the credit union movement’s history and achievements.

This year, we celebrate 79 years of the movement’s genesis in Trinidad and Tobago under the theme “Building financial health for a brighter tomorrow”. It focuses on the challenges to the financial well-being of credit union members and the diverse ways credit unions are assisting the clinical restructuring of the financial portfolios and lives of their members. ICU Day 2021 is a celebration of the impact credit unions and other financial cooperatives made—and continue to make for their members. It is also a chance to be thankful for the lives and communities that have been improved by the movement.

The Central Finance Facility (CFF) under the banner of “Cooperation among Cooperatives” joins the celebration in congratulating all our members and the wider credit union community for the impeccable positive economic and social impact of their outstanding efforts upon our communities. We know that many people would not have been able to afford to their own homes, start new businesses or attend school without the help of your organization. In some areas of the world, people would have no access to financial services at all without their credit unions.

It is with this in mind that the CFF is unyielding in its role as a leader in the movement to facilitate access to products and services, geared towards supporting our member credit unions and other cooperatives; in their quest to continue to serve the ordinary man who is on the periphery of wealth. Through our Fixed Deposits, Loan Facilities, Syndicated Loans; Pre-packaged Customized Leadership, Team Building and Strategic Planning Training Programs, we seek to address issues faced by the credit unions and non-financial cooperatives. This will assure that credit unions and their respective membership attain optimal financial health that redounds to their realization of brighter future, where each of us valuably contributes

Let us always remember that alone we can do much; but together so much more! God bless!