Credit Union leaders to discuss Data and Analytics with Experts

Chaguanas, Trinidad – January 25, 2022:  Experts in Data and Analytics will meet with Credit Union leaders to discuss critical insights into optimizing the value of their Credit Union’s data. The intelligence will be used to determine strategies for organizational transformation and building a more resilient movement embracing future generations.

The Central Finance Facility (CFF) will be hosting its first Thought Leadership event for the New Year on the topic: “Analytics and the Power of Data: Driving a Data-Driven Culture – A look at the next generation of Membership”. This meeting will take place on Wednesday January 26, 2022, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. via Zoom.

One of the core long term goals of the CFF is to position Credit Unions to gain market share by championing cooperative values and serving members through cutting edge technology.   Today the credit union movement must continue to add value to its ageing members even as it attracts and embraces the youth of our society.

In these times of rapidly changing technologies and shifting consumer needs, understanding data is essential to remaining relevant and adding value.  The CFF wants leaders to encourage a data driven mindset within their organization and in turn the movement. Analytics can provide significant value in the credit union industry by leveraging high value data to anticipate member needs and address the most pressing concerns of your credit union.  This is a high priority as the movement looks to meet the needs of millennials and the Gen Z.

Invited Panellists include:

  • Mr. Leslie Lee Fook, AI, Analytics and Automation Expert at INCUS Services Ltd, who will speak on Credit Unions using Data to better Segment Potential Members and Gain Competitive Advantage. Leaders driving a Data-Driven Culture!
  • Mrs. Sherry Ann Mc Donald-Joseph, Acting Group Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Credit Union, who will speak on Embracing the Data and Technology – An Eastern Credit Union Perspective.”
  • Mr. Mark Moyou, Sr. Data Scientist @NVIDIA | Host of “The Caribbean Data Science Podcast who will speak on Using Data to facilitate the needs of future generations of Members, in an increasing FinTech environment”.

This meeting is targeted to board members, managers, senior staff and young professionals of Credit Unions.  It represents the continued work by CFF to ensure that the Credit Union Movement of Trinidad and Tobago remains sustainable for today and generations to come, through the principle of “Cooperation among Cooperatives”.