A Holiday Message from the CFF President

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Warmest Greetings to you my fellow cooperators at this festive time of year.  

What a year this has been.  Eventful at the very least, but more importantly one that’s deserving of unfettered thanksgiving. The stark reality that we should be eternally grateful to be afforded daily blessings of life and sustenance needs no highlight. 

Not only have we survived another year of the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic, we have stood resilient, unified and more determined in our cooperative efforts to expand our tangible contributions to the development of our members, our citizens, our communities and moreover, our nation. 

This reality is reason enough for us to look forward to 2022 with great expectations with our cooperative vision intact and our passions undenied. 

Unmistakable is this Movement’s tremendous potential to meaningfully impact the lives of its members and the wider society that formulates this beautiful twin island state that is Trinidad and Tobago. Yet, only if we return to our core tenets as Cooperatives and actively cooperate among ourselves to realize the vision, can we transform potential to profound impact. Individually we are strong, but together we shall be a force with which to reckon.

Let us look forward to 2022! No, more than that… let us declare ownership of 2022 for truly it’s ours for the taking should we unite and execute in the true spirit of cooperativeness. Let’s take the necessary precautions to ensure that we survive as individuals and as a movement.  

Let’s evolve as does the virus, but instead better, wiser and with more creativity and clinical precision, entirely for the purpose of building up and not breaking down.  Let us truly be a movement I implore you; one of change that breeds greater fortunes for our members, one of primarily owners and not consumers. See ourselves therefore as Owners, controllers of our destiny; controllers of our circumstances and gatekeepers for future generations whose existence we are entrusted to secure and protect. 

I wish you a season that is merry, lavished in unrestrained peace,  joy, love, hope, reverence and honor. I pray God’s continued blessings on us all as we strive to make Trinidad & Tobago a better place to live, love and grow.

Let 2022 be the year we own anew. 

God Bless!!

Warmest Regards
Letitia Anna Telesford