Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management Workshop

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Date(s) - 24/08/2018 - 25/08/2018
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management entails creating a culture of innovation by utilizing employees’ creativeness to achieve the goals of an organisation by encouraging them to promote and bring to fruition their ideas and by giving them the recognition for their efforts.

This workshop is designed to focus on the individual units comprising the organisation rather than the business as a whole. This workshop would enhance the participant’s ability to drive innovation within their business units by focusing on proposing better products and services, improving customer satisfaction through better delivery of goods and services, and by increasing productivity and operating efficiency through encouraging the identification and implementation of innovative activities.

Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management allows for renewal and growth of staff members, by acting as a change agent within the organisation with the ultimate goal of innovatively adapting to changing times as well as being customer-focused by seeking to adapt to the needs and demands of customers.

The workshop is intended to create an enabling environment where an employee’s entrepreneurial traits are harnessed that would ultimately result in improvement of your Credit Union’s profitability and enhancing its competitive position.

1.0 Course Description
This course is designed for senior administrators, team leaders and managers – those persons who, on a daily basis, oversee and manage business units within their organisation. This workshop would equip them with the tools necessary to motivate their employees while harnessing creative and entrepreneurial abilities.

The course will likewise assist designated managers in optimizing resources to better achieve the organisation’s goals and objectives.

2.0 Course Content
The following outlines the material to be covered in this course:
 Adopting an Entrepreneurial Approach to Management
 Organizing Operations as a Business Unit
 Developing Strategies to Maximize Customer /Stakeholder
 Establishing the Appropriate Organizational Structure
 Building a High-Performance Team
 Strategic & Critical Thinking: Developing Strategies to Add and
Measure Value
 Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Standards
to ensure Targeted Value Is Added
 Self-Reflection and the Entrepreneur
 Motivation and Leadership to foster Entrepreneurship

3.0 Objectives
On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
 Improve customer satisfaction
 Have a better appreciation of the meaning and value of being
entrepreneurial in today’s workplace
 Learn how to develop strategies to facilitate the implementation
of entrepreneurial values
 Understand the importance of having a team that buys into
these values
 Appreciate the need for establishing KPIs and standards to
ensure that targeted value is added
 Understand and apply motivational techniques to enhance
employee performance
 Appreciate the value of being able to reflect on oneself and
manage oneself to be able to optimize entrepreneurial success

4.0 Methodology
This programme incorporates extensive insights into strategic entrepreneurial management. It is extremely interactive and will utilize practical experience relative to standard business processes. The following approaches will be used:
 Group discussions
 Group sharing exercises
 Workshops
 Role plays
 Case studies
 Video clips may also be used if deemed necessary

This two-day workshop is designed for:
 Managers, Senior Administrators and Team Leaders


COST (For Credit Unionists)
Three thousand one hundred and fifty dollars $3, 150.00(TT) on or before Friday August 10th, 2018; thereafter $3,500(TT) per person. Group Discounts will be offered to Credit Unions sending 5 or more persons.

Cost includes: Workshop, Participant’s Package, Breakfast, Lunch and breaks

N.B.: Members of the public can inquire costing by calling our CFF office @ 665 9734