The Post Vaccine Economy and the Way Forward for Credit Unions Virtual Thought Leadership

There is no denying that the COVID -19 crisis has ushered in a period of upheaval with significant implications for financial, political, social, cultural, and technological futures.  This pandemic has taught us that the world can change in an instant.

A year and a half later, while the global vaccination drive has represented a light at the end of the tunnel for some, many economies are still grappling with the effects of ongoing lockdown measures due to viral resurgences and the appearance of new strains. Nevertheless, as we lift our gaze to the uncertain and unstable road ahead, we are realising that the world will not be the same.

The Central Finance Facility (CFF) is hosting this Virtual Thought Leadership themed: “The Post Vaccine Economy and the Way Forward for Credit Unions”; in order to stimulate thought and discussion among leaders of the movement to better understand how things have changed, how we can best adapt and move forward, if we are to rebuild and prosper in spite of the uncertainty that lies ahead.

Come listen to these expert panellists and be part of this important discussion.

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