CFF Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Virtual Training Workshop

“Alert/005/2021 by the Financial Intelligence Unit of Trinidad and Tobago (FIUTT), has recorded STR/SAR submissions with approximately 100 victims of suspected Romance/Scam Fraud.  This represents a loss of over TT$2.3 million to the vulnerable citizens of Trinidad and Tobago”. To assist Credit Unions in their compliance efforts and protect their membership against these fraudulent activities, […]

Analytics and the Power of Data Virtual Thought Leadership Event

Driving a Data-Driven Culture – A look at the next generation of Membership Happy New Year from the Central Finance Facility (CFF)! The CFF invites you to attend its “Analytics and the Power of Data Virtual Thought Leadership Event: Driving a Data-Driven Culture – A look at the next generation of Membership. The session is […]

CFF PROJECT 2020 – The Technology Committee [What is it about?]

The Project 2020 Technology Committee was established to explore opportunities that would provide Credit Unions with optimal access and utilization of Technology. More specifically, the project seeks to enable Credit Unions’ ownership and control of technological systems that will facilitate: Participation in the national payments system. The provision of online services to members. Significant trading […]

A Holiday Message from the CFF President

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Warmest Greetings to you my fellow cooperators at this festive time of year.   What a year this has been.  Eventful at the very least, but more importantly one that’s deserving of unfettered thanksgiving. The stark reality that we should be eternally grateful to be afforded daily blessings […]

CFF and UWI Partnership for Innovation Through Eco-Friendly Economic Development

The Central Finance Facility Co-Operative Society of Trinidad and Tobago (CFF) has long sought to be the leader in the Credit Union Movement in fostering economic development through eco-friendly, sustainable, and productive environmental practices, by utilizing our nation’s human resources and creating economic ownership and wealth for its members. This is in keeping with our […]

Credit Unions and Economic Growth in Trinidad and Tobago (TT)

The TT economy has experienced an average real GDP growth since 2008 of -0.8% per annum and for the period 2020-2026 its average real GDP growth is forecast at 0.33%.  In this same period of time (2009-2019) there has been a rise in debt per capita from US$5252.9 per person in 2009 to US$10,905.1 per […]

The Central Finance Facility (CFF) A One Stop Financing House for the Credit Union Movement

The Central Finance Facility (CFF) continues to be a bedrock of financial stability in the credit union movement, assisting ordinary members and also cooperatives and credit unions to pursue their dreams and financial projects. The CFF currently offers home mortgages and small business loans to individuals and institutional loans to credit union members. Loans for […]

The Central Finance Facility (CFF) Leads the Credit Union Movement in Green Financing

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) defines a green economy “as low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive” where “growth in employment and income are driven by public and private investment into such economic activities, infrastructure and assets that allow reduced carbon emissions and pollution, enhanced energy and resource efficiency, and prevention of the loss […]